Mini vases

Mini vaseI got a pretty bouquet of light pink carnation from my husband and by the end of 3 weeks the majority of the flowers were dead but there were some perfect ones that I didn’t want to throw away. So I used some of my 0.99 cent store candle holders as vases and they worked perfectly for them. I placed the carnation together with little white flowers from our backyard and spread them around the house.

Mini vase
I have been using these candle holders for other flowers as well. The possibilities are endless.

I like the simplicity of this post in the beauty of fading flowers that I cared enough to not get rid of. It makes me think of how brief life is and how precious each one of us are in God’s eyes. As we try to enjoy each moment of life and not grow old, God reminds us that even though this life is fading there is hope for those who believe in Christ. Our lives are not going to quickly end but we’ll have a new life that will last forever.


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