Change, otherwise everything will remain the same


I struggle with personal change and growth from time to time, I guess that’s an immature state I’m still processing. I remember when we moved to an apartment that didn’t have a dishwasher, my frustration and laziness to do the dishes took place almost immediately. My back would hurt even though I had only washed 2 cups, oh how I dreaded every second of doing the dishes! I have to admit that I acted kinda similar in regards to other personal changes that needed to take place in my life.

After becoming aware of my negative responses towards change and realizing that my own attitude was hindering me from a more fulfilled and mature lifestyle, I started embracing change. Trust me, each time I overcome that ‘tantrum’ stage, growth can take place and I can become a new me. I love when that happens.

Growth however can be a little more challenging when I’m dealing with something that I don’t understand why it happens, but thank God I don’t have to deal with those alone. I can always join a help group, be accountable to a friend, meet with a counselor and ask for God’s help when it’s too much for me. Sometimes a book is all I need, in fact, I was reading a book on finances not too long ago that was truly helpful to develop me in that area.

Something else I learned that helped me in this journey was opening up to loving criticism and outside input. At some point in life I realized that my mom was not simply nagging me, but she was truly addressing an issue that I had to deal with. The ones closer to me are the best ones to help me grow because they will bring up my flaws and if I don’t become defensive, true change can finally take place.

I also realized that if I’m self aware of my behavior I can grow. Are you aware of your eating habits? What about the way you talk? What makes you mad? Are you impatient? Do you have any addictions? Are you lazy when it comes to cleaning and organizing? Are you often late? If so, what are you doing about issues when they are brought up to your attention?

I know these questions can be uncomfortable, but when I become aware of what I do and why I do certain things (immediate responses and habits) I can change them properly. I believe that I can become better than I was yesterday by praying and trying something different and unusual for me. If it doesn’t work right away, I don’t give up and I can always try a different way. Baby steps are the best way to go.

One of my goals in life is to change and grow each day. I want to fix old habits that simply don’t work for me anymore, I have to change otherwise everything will remain the same.


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