DIY – Inspirational Signs

FreedomSignI love having inspirational words around the house because they help me to stay focused in what is true and meaningful in life.

I made this sign about a year and and a half ago, at that time I truly needed to remember that there is freedom in God and that I could choose to live in His freedom. I looked at that sign so many times and it gave me hope each time I struggled with guilt and blame, I was able to be set free from my old ways by choosing daily to live in God’s freedom.

This is how I got the sign done:

I added one coat of white paint to a piece of wood that I got from a craft store. After letting it dry overnight I lightly sanded some areas to give it a vintage look. Then I typed the words ‘In your freedom I will live’ in my computer and choose the fonts I liked. I made the letters as large as possible to fit in the piece of wood. I printed the words and traced them on tracing paper. By setting the tracing paper on top of the wood I pressed a black pointy pen on it to transfer the letters over. The paper rip and the ink transferred over the wood because I pressed really hard. I then used a sharpie to fill in the letters nicely. For the ‘freedom’ word I used paint and a thin brush to fill in the letters. I created that pretty color by mixing a little bit of burgundy and white paint. I then hammered the nails behind the wood. I wanted the nails to show through, they had a special meaning to me because Jesus died to set me free and the nails with the quote reminded me of it in a more profound way. I tied twine on the nails from behind and added the dry roses.

The whole process was pretty easy to achieve. Thanks so much for reading!



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