Thrift shopping is fun!

thriftshoppingAbout four years ago, a friend suggested me to try not purchasing any new clothes or shoes during the entire year. At the time, my chin dropped in astonishment while she enthusiastically went on explaining how she would thrift shop and never buy brand new stuff from retail stores. I didn’t give much thought to it, and to be honest with you I thought her idea was non sense. I have to confess that I was an impulsive shopper back then.

In 2014 a shift happened in my life, money was really tight and I could not afford spending $20 on a top. I had to find a more affordable way to buy work clothes, so I ended up in thrift stores. I enjoyed the hunt for clothes and housewares, shopping became even more fun of an experience and because of my compulsiveness I ended up spending more money than I should.

Thankfully a lot of personal growth took place in me last year, with God’s help, I started progressively dealing with my emotional compulsiveness. I noticed that when I was sad or emotional about something, I would try to “cure” it by simply spending money. I would end up with more stuff but the pain would still be there. Shopping was a real distraction. Today, I pray for an item that I might consider purchasing and I make sure that if I purchase it is not during an emotional time. This year will be my first try to thrift shop wisely and avoid buying new clothes from retail stores. We are in the end of April and I’m keeping up with it so far.

P.S. All clothes shown in this post come from thrift stores and I paid no more than $7 a piece.

Thrifted clothes


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