The perfect sick day

SickdayI woke up sick this morning, my sinuses were closed and I had a bad headache and backache. I battled for an hour with the idea of calling in sick at work, I finally decided to stay home and get some rest. So that’s what I’m doing…well, kinda… I know, I shouldn’t be blogging right now, but I promise that I’ll take a nap right after I’m done with this post.

I’ve had bad sick days in the past, but I never felt that the day was still worth it, I had a hard time finding any beauty in it. The reason why I feel that today is the perfect sick day is mainly because I have God as my source of hope, I know that He heard my prayers for healing and I know I’ll get better. But while I’m still going through this I’m enjoying the view from my bedroom window, watching the blue skies, the few white clouds disperse slowly, the birds fly by and my neighbors American flag graciously dance with the wind. It’s a beautiful day and even though I won’t go outside I can still enjoy it somehow. Right here in my bed with a little fever warming me, I’m sharing with you that there is hope for today and the days to come.

Thanks for reading.

Vegie soup
Homemade vegetable soup for lunch.
Chai tea
Chai tea and oreos for snack
Entertained by my Bible, poetry book, Bible series DVD, magazines and drawing.

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