DIY – Chalk Crate

crateCrates are such a versatile item to have around the house and a decorative piece that is very popular right now. We can easily find them in craft stores, but I’ve been purchasing mine at Goodwill for less than $3 each. I have used them as gift boxes, decoration and various organizational ways.

I found this little one for $1 and saw potential in it, even though it originally had some Disney character on both sides. I decided to cover the sides with black chalk paint and it turned out awesome!

This is how I did it:

I didn’t sand it, I simply added the first coat of chalk paint right away. During the painting process, I used a thin brush for the corners and a bigger one for the center. You can tape the sides of the area you are planning on painting, so if you happen to go overboard you are safe. After the first coat, I let it dry for about an hour, then added a second coat and let it dry overnight. Once dry, I rubbed white chalk over the whole dark surface, this step seems to give texture to the area, then I cleaned it with a damp cloth and wrote ‘Love others’ on one side and ‘Love yourself’ on the other.

This DIY was super easy to achieve. Let me know if you liked it!



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