Getting rid of the old

donateitI have a tendency of getting rid of material things very easily because I have a minimalistic side within me. I go through my closet and living areas a few times a year making sure I’m not collecting useless items. Lately, I’ve been donating bags and more bags of stuff and the less I have the more fulfilled I am. The less attached I am to material things the better I feel and by getting rid of the old, I open my life to receive the new.

What I consider “the old”? Shoes that are uncomfortable or that are falling apart, as well as new shoes that are worn once every 2 years. Clothes that don’t match my style and don’t fit me anymore. Clothes that I wear once every 2 years. Decoration pieces that are unnecessary and simply collect dust. Jewelry that I never wear or that is broken. Bedding that is discolored or rip. Extra blankets that sit in the closet and never get used. Furniture and kitchen appliances that are useless and unpractical. Books that I never read or have no intention in reading. Anything that is not being used, that is broken and unpractical is considered ‘old’ to me.

What is “the new”?  A functional an uncluttered house with open space where creativity can flow. Opportunities to wear what I truly appreciate. A life that welcomes light, freedom, simplicity and efficiency.

With these guidelines in place, it’s easier for me to decide what to give away and what to keep. I then choose between donating or reselling my best items on Craigslist. I avoid to the max giving my stuff away to people who already have too much or that have any sign of a hoarder problem. Keep that in mind 😉

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of the old

  1. I, sadly, am a packrat so I have trouble letting things go and can find sentimentality in just about any item! In the last few weeks I’ve been trying to purge of useless things myself. This is a great list of ideas on just how to do that! 🙂

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