Being content at work (Series)


I once heard that if you do what you love you won’t work a single day of your life. What a truthful statement that is!

Every time I’m blogging, writing a book, taking pictures or editing them, I never feel like I’m working. I enjoy every bit of it, because those creative moments have no stress involved, no deadlines and the sky is the limit. But I don’t get that thrilled when it comes to my job.

I thought about quitting my job a few times, but I’m glad that I didn’t. I somehow, realized that by quitting I would be choosing to postpone personal growth that absolutely needed to take place in my life. If I had quit, I would have to deal with very similar challenges once again, but in a different scenario. So why quit when I can deal with it and be done with it, once and for all?

I chose to deal with it and becoming content was extremely necessary to survive the process. The first step I had to take was to remind myself that I was working for the Lord, that ultimately He is my boss. That helped me to do a better job at my tasks and have a more positive attitude while working.

The next step I took was gratitude. I became grateful for having a job, for the income and for the wonderful people that I get to work with daily. Once my heart was right in those 2 areas, I thought I was all done, but there was a lot more growth that needed to take place.

Suddenly, it seemed that even though I was working hard at improving, my days would get harder and harder. When my days would start all wrong, I noticed that I would respond negatively and frustrations would start rising. It became clear to me that God wanted to change those areas within me. I had to accept His discipline and correction and allow him to build a better character within me. Accepting correction was essential to live content in the workplace.

Even though I’m still growing in some areas, I’m sticking to the process and am very willing. I refuse to quit, so I remind myself that if I quit I’ll be stuck somewhere else with those same challenges to overcome.

My work is a place where I can grow and become more like Christ, so I won’t leave the battlefield until I’m done. Being content at work is possible if we change our perspective. If we accept the fact that the problem is not the boss, the company, the pay or the co-workers, but that the problem has more to do with us, then we can grow. As long as we continue quitting and blaming everyone else we won’t become mature. Our workplace can be the perfect environment to allow ourselves to be stretched, challenged and changed forever.

“Quitting is a choice of postponing personal growth.”

Maressa Townsend


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