My personal guide to Cambria, California

Cambria1There is a sense of romance and relaxation in this little town called Cambria. Cambria is located in the California Central Coast, not too far from home and it has become one of my favorite getaway spots for a few special reasons.

Reason one: The quietness. Cambria is not a super popular type of place and I love that I can walk around town without being overwhelmed by large loud crowds. Moonstone beach also tends to be very peaceful in the mornings and at sunsets, which makes it perfect for a romantic walk or personal reflection time.

Reason two: Moonstone beach. This beach has colorful little stones that are very entertaining, they come in tones of different colors and shapes and it’s fun to pick and admire them while getting a tan. I also love walking barefoot on them, it’s super relaxing.

Cambria2Reason three: The food. My favorite Mexican restaurant ever is located in Cambria and it’s called Las Cambritas. Their burritos are the best I’ve ever had and their outside patio atmosphere gives me that authentic vacation feeling.

As easy as pie Cafe by Linn’s, has the best potato salad and sandwiches in town. They also have delicious desserts and the prettiest atmosphere. They are located in a cute little side street off the main street, they also have souvenir stores and other boutiques stores that are a lot of fun to check out.

linns IMG_2037

Reason four: Spellbound Gift Shop and Gardens. This cute store became my favorite spot mainly for their beautiful gardens but also for their handmade candles, lotions all and all sorts of poo pourri. Their store is a wonderful world of scents and beauty and I love everything about it.

If you stop by the Spellbound, make sure to bring cash, they tend to not take credit cards for certain purchases amounts.



Reason five: Our hotel. The Pelican Inn has become our home while in Cambria. They have comfortable beds, immaculate bathrooms, fireplaces in the rooms, a swimming pool, a hot tub, complementary wine tasting and a delicious breakfast. What else can I ask for? Oh, they are located in Moonstone Beach, two steps from the sand.



Reason six: The art galleries. I love exploring the art galleries without intentions of purchasing anything. Visiting art galleries is a free entertaining activity that is totally inspirational and worth it to me.


Cambria is a very beautiful and peaceful place that is worth checking out at least for a day or two.

Thanks for reading!



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