Being content on vacation and getaways (Series)

IMAG4217It’s almost impossible to not be happy and content while on vacation, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to lay by turquoise waters, drinking fresh coconut water and snacking on nachos? I would certainly love that. More nachos, por favor!

But what about those anticipated leisure days that simply don’t go our way? Have you ever arrived at your dream hotel destination to realize they got overbooked and had to transfer you to another hotel? What about having that expensive bottle of red wine break inside your luggage and stain your clothes burgundy? Have you ever enjoyed that delicious Thai food to end up with food poisoning?

Have you ever experienced anything similar to that while on vacation? I certainly have, but I’ve been learning to find joy and contentment during my ‘not so perfect’ vacations and getaways. Here are some contentment steps that I’ve been using:

Eliminate expectations. I found that getting rid of expectations is one of the best things I can do when going on a trip. Traveling without an agenda has changed my travel life, because no matter what happens I’m able to process it with a better attitude and maintain a content spirit.

Serving and caring for others is a great way to turn off my selfish vacation mode. I found that vacations can easily turn into: “it’s all about my relaxation and tanning”, but putting others before myself has helped me to enjoy my days even more. When I care for others and give love, life becomes way more fulfilling.

No complaining. This step is personal commitment to – no matter what happens, I WILL NOT COMPLAIN. Complaining seems to make things worse and brings more stress to the situation, so having a more positive attitude instead of complaining is a great way to find contentment.

Gratitude. Being grateful is key to a joyful and content life. If there is not much to be grateful for, we can be grateful for breathing, for the sun or for the rain. For the nurses, for the phone that works, for the spare tire, the bed, the water…the list goes on.

Being open to learn something valuable from what we are going through is another major step to living content. When we are humble and have a teachable heart, life starts making more sense. Whenever I go through rough times, I try to ask myself “What is God trying to teach me through this?”. There is always something new that we can learn every single day.

Praying for my trips from beginning, middle and end has changed the course of my days and has helped my trips to go way smoother. Involving God in everything I do is always a good idea because first of all, He has great taste, secondly He cares for me and He will be with me through anything. I mean, anything, even if I get stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Being content during hard times is very possible if we set focus on God and stay committed to living content no matter what happens.

Thanks so much for reading!


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