Consigning stuff is a great idea!

consignment1You all know that I’m not purchasing new clothes in retail stores this year and this has been a liberating experience for me. I honestly should have done it years ago, but I’m glad that this was finally the year to break free from my shopping addictions and experience life to a whole new level.

I’ve been going more and more minimalistic and the idea of having less stuff truly entertains me. I’m loving the open space around me and the opportunity to see further and clearer.

In a previous article, I shared about getting rid of the old and I encouraged donating and reselling unused items online, but I totally forgot about consignment. How could I forget about that? Consigning stuff is such a great idea as well as a simple and easy process. This is how I did it:

I first found a consignment store in town and after understanding their rules and interest pieces, I selected clothes, shoes and jewelry that I thought they would be interested in consigning. Note that it is very important to bring in clean and presentable items to a consignment store, make your items ready to be displayed and sold.

Once they selected the items that they wanted to keep, they calculated 30% of their sale price and that was my profit. Their payment consisted in store credit that never expires. It was a super easy and fast deal. Some stores proceed differently and might pay you cash once your items are sold.

Consignment is a fun and smart way to get rid of the old and receive the new.

Thanks for reading!

Photography by Mark Townsend



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