DIY – Photography backdrop

IMG_2237Furniture made from reclaimed wood is very popular right now and if I had the time and the tools, I would make myself a nice picnic table, a bench, a sofa and so much more! But for now, I’m content with my new picture backdrop that I just made with borrowed tools and free pallet wood.

This was a pretty easy and cheap project to achieve, all I used to achieve it was:

A free pallet

A borrowed electric saw from my brother in law – thank’s Eric!

A borrowed crow bar – thank’s Richard!

Borrowed sander and hammer from my husband – thank’s Mark!

Wood glue

2 inch nails and wood stain

How I did it: Using the electric saw, I went across the inside frame area of the pallet and cut as close as possible to the nails. I didn’t measure before cutting, I simply went across the inside corner of the pallet making sure I was cutting straight.

IMG_2245By cutting it this way, I saved time and extra work. If you don’t have an electric saw you can totally pluck everything by hand with a hammer and a crow bar. Make sure you are wearing shoes, earplugs (if using the electric saw) and glasses during this process. Then with the crow bar I plucked the nails from the middle section releasing the pieces of wood one by one.

Don’t know how to use a crow bar? Simply place the curved crow bar area under the wood you want to pluck, then hammer the crow bar into that gap and pull gently. Don’t pull it too strong or you might break the wood you are pulling. I did break some of mine, that’s why I needed to buy wood glue to fix my mistakes. But if you are patient and work your way through, you won’t break anything and won’t even need glue. Then hammer those old nails out from underneath and pluck them using the crow bar or hammer. Make sure you throw those nails away immediately, you don’t want to step on those and hurt yourself.

Once I got all the pieces of wood out of the pallet, I chose the cleaner sides to work with, I then placed them side by side making sure they fit and that there were no major gaps in between them. I tried to keep the nail holes in the center aligned, it looks nicer that way.

IMG_2177Once everything looked good, I nailed each piece to my wood base, which were the thicker pieces of pallet wood. I had to release the small pieces that remained on it using a crow bar. They came off super easy.

This was my wood base
This is how it looks like from underneath
Another underneath picture

I then sanded the top part using an electric sander with a 60 grit sandpaper. It looked really good and smooth. Make sure you wear a mask and glasses during this process, it gets dusty!

I stained the wood using Minwax wood stain in the color dark walnut ($6.99 at Walmart). I used an old dish cloth to apply the stain, but an old t-shirt would work fine too. Wear gloves during this process and avoid wearing nice clothes (in case you get some stain on you). This whole project cost me only $9 and it was very easy to achieve.


I’m super excited to start using my new pallet backdrop.

If you have any questions about the process, please ask and I’ll be glad to answer.


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