Memories of Brazil

brazilI grew up in Brazil where my family owned a small bakery for years and years. Of course I loved everything about it, the free cakes, cookies, flans…but one of my sweetest memories where the mid afternoons when fresh baked bread would come out. I remember to this very day the taste of the perfect warm crust and the melted salty butter as I enjoyed each bite in between sips of the sweetest coffee made by my dad.


Today I had a glimpse of those times while I indulged in some french baguette with a cup of black tea sweetened with Brazilian honey. The simplicity of this moment brought me back to those memorable days and it filled my heart with gratitude.

I hope this post will help you remember something special about your past. Have a beautiful weekend!



4 thoughts on “Memories of Brazil

  1. Loved this sweet personal story. For me, a little memory from the past would be (a whole lot more processed) but apple juice and Lucky Charms cereal at my grandparents house each time I visited lol
    -E @

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