Remind yourself of who you are

boatI deal with many people on a daily basis and they are very different from each other, mostly because they come from contrasting backgrounds. Some interact with me in very positive and uplifting ways while others are aggressive and rude. It’s a challenge for me to deal with the latter, even though I remind myself in those times that ‘hurt people hurt people’ that hasn’t been enough to get me through tougher moments with the best attitude.

I sat with a friend a few weeks ago and shared my struggles in that area and she understood exactly what I was going through because she also used to respond negatively toward aggressiveness. She said it best: “when someone acts aggressive or rude toward you, stop and remind yourself of who you truly are and do not allow the person in front of you define who I are.” While we talked, she kindly listed some of my most basic qualities and that was enough to remind me of who I truly was on the inside. Her precious advice encouraged me to face new challenges with a better attitude.

Later that day, I took some time reflecting about who I truly was and that was a very uplifting experience, specially because God reassured me of His love for me and my status as His precious daughter. I also took a new stand to not allow anyone define who I am or get that usual negative reaction from me.

If you also go through challenges similar to mine, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect about who you truly are, let me emphasize that who you are has very little to do with your looks, finances, nationality, who you are is about your heart, your essence, your personality and status before God as His child.

Knowing more about who we are will give us power, strength and boldness to face new every day challenges.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week everyone!


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