Being content where we live

IMAG4216I moved from Brazil to Europe and to the US in the last 8 years and each time I had to go through a whole lot of adjustments between language, culture, food and weather. It was very frustrating at first, but I have to admit that after a while I became used to living a somewhat ‘gypsy’ lifestyle and it became difficult for me to settle in one place. Like a free spirit I would travel from one country to another in search of a place I could call home and live a happy life.

Because I wasn’t content with the life I lived, I chased dreams and when I would get to them, they were no longer enough and I needed to dream a new dream. Don’t get me wrong, dreams are important, but if we base our happiness in the achievement of our dreams, then most likely we’ll miss out precious moments of our lives.

It took me a while to get over that ungrateful stage and one of the major changes that took place in my life was that I finally learned to live content no matter where I lived. I learned to appreciate a quiet walk downtown better than a major overseas trip to Italy and a one bedroom apartment became more special than a business class chair of an airplane.

Even though I make less money today, live in a smaller place and drive a simpler car. My life is more fulfilled and joyful because my ‘happiness’ is not based upon circumstances, material possessions, international trips and status.

Contentment can take place if we ask God to change our perspective, to help us see what we cannot see on our own. If we start by making a choice to be grateful for what we have, who we are and where we are in life, things will begin to change, and change for the better. We might not be where we wish we were in life, but we are in a journey, and that journey is not over yet. God loves us with everlasting love, His plans for our lives are greater than we can comprehend and if we can accept that, we can start seeing a brighter side of  life even though we are looking through the dirty windows of our small apartment.


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