No Cell Phone Contract since 2005

PhoneI got my first cell phone when I moved from Brazil to Europe back in 2005, I was 21 years old back then and carried a basic Nokia in my cross-body purse everywhere I went. I learned to survive with a €30 – €35 monthly credit that gave me a couple of hours of calls and texts. That system worked just fine back then and it helped me to not spend more time than needed on the phone.

Six years later I was moving to the US and found out that they also had a similar system, so I got my Blackberry to work with a T-Mobile phone number and started buying $35 – $40 monthly credits for it. I had very limited texts and calls and since I was away from home with a 9 hours difference, having unlimited internet on my phone sounded like a better idea than constantly depending on free wifi.

A few months later, I found out that Boost Mobile offered a $40 unlimited internet, texts and call plan with no strings attached. That was an even better deal for me. I sold my Blackberry on Craigslist and got a basic Samsung through Boost Mobile for less than $120.

That phone bravely lasted me 4 years with no issues whatsoever other than one single battery replacement. Since a new phone was due, I checked Sprint and Verizon, but their expensive leasing plans were not at all what I was looking for. I always preferred to own my own stuff and stay away from contracts and I never needed the latest and greatest phone to make phone calls or shoot emails anyway.

I was praying and asking God for a new phone that would meet my needs, cost less than $200, in a plan that was affordable and convenient for me. I checked Boost Mobile and they offered me an amazing deal for a Samsung Galaxy S3 on my same $40 unlimited plan. I got exactly what I needed and even better since my phone costed only $149.

I feel truly blessed, am using my new phone to it’s full potential and am not spending more than I have to. Thank you God for this gift!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6-8



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