Favorite summer reads

Favorite Summer ReadsThis summer I’ve been going to my local library at least twice a month and each time I go I add anything and everything from cooking to decorating books to my reusable tote. It’s so much fun for me to spend quiet times hunting for inspiration.

I also love the convenience of having access to a library with so many free options of high quality materials. If you haven’t checked out your local library yet, I invite you to do so, you might be super impressed with what you will find in your very first visit.

Here are my top favorite books that I’ve read or am still reading this summer:

Relish from Daphne Oz


Relish was my favorite cook book out of about 10 cook books that I got in the library. It has beautiful and mouthwatering pictures of healthy dishes that are absolutely delicious and easy to achieve.

Emotions from Charles Stanley


This book was gifted to me about a year or so ago and I wish I had read it earlier because my life is being changed through it. I see a miracle happening in me at the turn of each page. Through this book I’m learning to overcome anxiety and fears and become the person that God intended me to be. Emotions is a must read!

Boundaries in Marriage from Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend


This book will change your life forever and you will never be the same, ever again. Dr.Cloud and Townsend are brilliant individuals that share ways to develop freedom and individuality in the process of becoming one with a spouse. This book is easy to read and one of my very top of the list favorites. I’m revisiting this book this summer and am falling in love with it once more.

They also have other bestselling Boundaries books, such as Boundaries in Dating, Boundaries with kids and Boundaries. They are totally worth checking out!



I’ve been reading my Bible more consistently and this summer I feel like I have thrived in my relationship with God. The Bible is the best book ever written and the one I’ll always go to for guidance and inspiration. This book is God’s voice and I love it with all my heart and it will always be my #1 favorite.

Thanks for joining me here. Have a wonderful weekend.

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