Choosing the best place for a first date

fstdateI remember my very first date with my husband as if it was yesterday. We were facing each other at the Cheesecake Factory of Marina Del Rey in a beautiful spring evening. I had just landed from a long overseas flight and wasn’t necessarily hungry, but I remember enjoying a few slices of a vegetarian pizza while we chatted and discovered more about each other.

After dinner, we sat in that little ocean front table for quite a while and watched the stars with the background sound of waves hitting the shore. I don’t remember anyone else being there other than the waiter (or waitress) that served us that night.

The memories of that first date are truly special to me and I’m grateful for every second it. Actually while I’m writing this I recall more and more precious moments and that brings a smile to my face.

I’m able to pinpoint all the reasons why our first date was so special and I owe that to God and to my dear husband, who is truly talented at making our times together memorable and intimate.

I’ll share with you some important things to consider and remember when choosing a place for a first date with someone you have feelings for.

Choose a place that is familiar to you or both of you

I think that a common mistake that we can make in a first date is trying out a new and unknown place simply because friends or Yelp said that it’s awesome. They might be right, but I wouldn’t take that risk, at least not on a first date. I personally wouldn’t want to add unnecessary discomfort and awkwardness to that moment, instead, I would choose a place that is familiar to me and that I truly enjoy.

Less is more

A place with less people around can help us give our undivided attention toward the person we are with. By eliminating distractions we are able to offer more of ourselves and our time together can be more intimate and personal.


When going to a coffee shop, restaurant, pub, concert or to the movies. Choose a location away from busy areas like toilets, entrance doors or crowded hallways. Trust me, placement does matter.


Finding out the food preferences of the person we are going out with can help us enormously when choosing a restaurant. If you are going out with a vegetarian or vegan, accommodating their preferences as well as yours is a smart move.

Have a plan A and a plan B

I think it’s wise to have a plan b in case there is something unexpected happening last minute during our first date. For instance, imagine the restaurant you are going to decided to close for a private party that night, and even though you had reservations, they forgot to inform you about it. Events like that can happen so having a plan B, just in case, will helps us stay cool and relaxed.

Keep it simple

I love simple and I believe that making of a first date the most natural possible is best. I personally think that the more we try to impress by making everything fancy or sophisticated,  the more vulnerable to stress we will be.

I hope these tips were helpful. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful date! 🙂






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