Smilling after 60 years of marriage

by Miria MoretonPhotography by Miria Moreton

“Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.” Job 12:12

I had the opportunity to meet a sweet couple at work the other day, they were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They were one of those people that have a kind heart that touches us just by being who they are.

The skinny lady was standing in front of me, staring at the ceiling and saying how grateful she was for our welcoming gifts upon her arrival. Her smile was contagious and her shaky voice touched my heart as she was telling me once more how special she felt and added; “You know, we have been married for 60 years. That’s a long time. My husband has put up with me all these years and specially now that I’m going blind”, she said, as she kindly searched for her husband arm with her hand.

She went on again thanking us a thousand more times. This couple almost brought tears to my eyes and they taught me an important lesson for married life; stick together no matter how hard it gets. They have also shown me how beautiful gratitude is and how smiling through life can change the course of our days, in special those hard days.


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