When everything changes

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWe’ve been having some hot and beautiful summer days here in the Central Coast. The skies have been consistently blue and the bright sun has been shinning from early morning until sunset. We’ve had steady temperatures of 110°F around us, but our little town was blessed with no more than 90°F.

The day I took this picture was one of those hot summer days. The beach was full of colorful umbrellas, kids were playing in the water while teenagers played volleyball in the courts. The boardwalk received tourists from all over the world and the restaurants were booked at full capacity with customers enjoying their clam chowders, crabs and tri-tip sandwiches.

About 40 minutes to sunset, a thick fog rolled in covering the whole beach and cold weather quickly installed. Everyone changed their bathing suits for a warm sweeter and looked for comfort by a cozy fireplace indoors. The beach that was once full was now deserted in a matter of minutes.

The interesting transition of that day made me think of how life can be like that sometimes. We have seasons of fun times in a perfect weather until a new season quickly takes place and everything changes to more foggy and lonely times.

This is the beauty and complexity of life and those hard times are what help us grow and become better people. We might not love all the different seasons of life, specially when we are going through tough ones, but there is beauty in each one of them and something beautiful will flourish in the right time.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the new seasons of life, welcoming them as they come and remembering them as they go.

Thanks so much for reading.


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