Staying faithful

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Miria Moreton Photography

I’m not shopping for new clothes in retail stores this year, but I almost cheated when I went to the H&M store in Monterey.

I had $20 left from my birthday money and I started thinking about the new season coming up, which is my favorite season, and how much I love being cozy in a warm sweater. I had 3 sweaters in my closet, which I have worn a lot and I started making all those shopaholic excuses to buy a new one.

My husband watched me touch each sweeter at the very entrance of the store and he kindly reminded me of my purpose before I was engaged deeper in the shopping process. I battled with my temptation to shop for a moment, but took courage and chose to do the right thing. I walked away from the store without purchasing anything and it felt so good to overcome that temptation.

I didn’t need a new sweater, I simply wanted a new one. I had actually gotten a new gray sweeter not too long ago at my local consignment store with a $9 store credit that I had from previous clothes I sold them.

Sometimes when we are tempted we need to remind ourselves of our purpose, a friend can help us make the right choice, thanks for being there for me Mark.

We will struggle with temptations when committed to something new but it is important that we stay faithful to our purpose.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your week.


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