My favorite blogs

Photography by Mark Townsend

When it comes to blogs I don’t follow many because I try to get the best from the ones I truly love. So here is a list of my all time favorite blogs:

I’ve been adapting a more minimalist lifestyle this year and 2 blogs have helped me enormously in this journey of owning less stuff and living significantly.

The minimalists are 2 extremely talented writers, living a meaningful life with less stuff. They are the ones who first got me started on minimalism and I’ve been reading them since.

In becoming minimalist, Josh Becker shares his personal pursuit of minimalism. I connect with his writing and lifestyle so much. Becoming Minimalist is an inspirational place for those pursuing minimalism and significance.

Since I’ve read Carey Nieuwhof’s amazing article on same-sex marriage I became fascinated by his heart and leadership skills. I have been getting constant updates from him since and loving exploring his teachings.

There are 2 blogs I follow when it comes to cooking.

The homemade haus has seasonal recipes and mouthwatering pictures in each post. I might not try all recipes, but I get a lot of inspiration from Sarah.

Cookie & Kate is a delightful blog for vegetarian and healthy eating inspiration.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to also share your thoughts on your favorite blogs.

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