Where have you been?

questionMy husband and I were having a pleasant conversation last night before going to bed. As we shared about our personal walk with the Lord through the years, Mark said something that immediately resonated with me. He said; “I should not be asking, where is Jesus, but rather where have I been?”

I thought about the times in my life that I’ve made poor chooses, lived my own life, trusting my abilities and judgement. I ended up going through a lot of chaos and when I was desperate, my first reaction was to ask; “Where were you God in the midst of all of my pain?”

Back then, I failed to look at myself and take responsibility for my poor choices before blaming God for my misery.

I just wanted to leave this post today as a call for us to look at ourselves, examine our hearts and lifestyles before asking God in the midst of our shortcomings where He has been. God will always be there for us if we seek Him, call upon Him and walk with Him.

Thanks for reading!

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