IMG_3382.JPG2016 is around the corner and I am very excited for the days to come. I have been thinking more and more about what I would like to accomplish this coming year and there are so many cool things that I could do, but I want to make sure that I’ll invest myself in something that is truly meaningful and purposeful.

While I’m not sure yet, I am asking God to put it in my heart and reveal His will for my life in 2016. Meanwhile, I am so happy with my shopping ban in 2015. It was an awesome experience and I will be limiting my shopping impulses more from now on. I have no plans to shop for anything really in the beginning of the year.

I hope you will be invested in something greater than yourself in 2016 and that together we will bring change to the world and stretch ourselves to new levels.

Happy new year everyone!


DIY – Mint File Cabinet

mint file cabinetI bought a file cabinet on Craigslist for $8 a few months ago and I wanted to give it a pretty make over, however, I wasn’t sure about what color I would spray paint it. The file cabinet sat in our music room until I made a final decision about the color of it.

I love pastel nuances and lately I’ve been in love with mint colors, so I went to Walmart and got a $3.95 Rust Oleum spray paint in the color ocean mist.

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Where have you been?

questionMy husband and I were having a pleasant conversation last night before going to bed. As we shared about our personal walk with the Lord through the years, Mark said something that immediately resonated with me. He said; “I should not be asking, where is Jesus, but rather where have I been?”

I thought about the times in my life that I’ve made poor chooses, lived my own life, trusting my abilities and judgement. I ended up going through a lot of chaos and when I was desperate, my first reaction was to ask; “Where were you God in the midst of all of my pain?”

Back then, I failed to look at myself and take responsibility for my poor choices before blaming God for my misery.

I just wanted to leave this post today as a call for us to look at ourselves, examine our hearts and lifestyles before asking God in the midst of our shortcomings where He has been. God will always be there for us if we seek Him, call upon Him and walk with Him.

Thanks for reading!

My personal guide to Avila Beach – California

IMG_2926When autumn starts I love visiting all the beautiful seasonal places in Avila Beach. Here are my favorite spots in town.

Avila Valley Barn

IMG_2863Avila Barn will always be my top of the list place in Avila Beach specially during Autumn & Winter.

Avila Barn has that fun and vibrant farmer’s market atmosphere, but it’s way nicer. To start with they get super seasonal. The first thing that will amaze you when you first drive in is their parking lot surrounded by thousands of bright sun flowers.

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Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

IMG_2892Here is a simple way to start your day with lots of energy and deliciousness.

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

Start by slicing a large banana in half, do not peel the banana before slicing it, this will make it easier to get an accurate cut and not break the fruit.

Once it’s cut in half, peel the banana and place it on a plate, then add old fashioned peanut butter and honey inside. Top it with cinnamon and more honey. Slice it in smaller size bites.

It’s ready to enjoy!

The importance of ‘me time’ in a marriage relationship


Photography by Mark Townsend

I love spending alone time in contemplation. Quiet moments bring me peace and a sense of connection with myself that I deeply appreciate. My husband and I came up with a plan that would give me more of that ‘me time’ that I needed.

We sat together and planned what our new schedules would look like and we gave it a try for a few weeks. But like every new plan, we had to revisit it and adjust it until it became perfect.

The results of my alone time are amazing because once I get a good dose of ‘me time’ I can give a lot more love and am more happy and energetic in my relationship.

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Blessings through Tears

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset“Crying may last for a night, but joy comes with the new day.” Psalm 30:5

I fell in love with the song Blessings from Laura Story the very first time I listened to it in the radio. Classical music are the ones who usually inspire me to explore my creativity in a deeper level and wordy songs don’t usually do it for me. But this song in particular has been inspirational and while I was listening to it, I started thinking about how often times life gets harder than we expect it to be.

How many times have you struggled or suffered through seasons of life that seemed never ending? I certainly have gone through difficult ones. In fact, in those times all I could do was to rely on God’s promises and hope for the day of His deliverance. I remember that during the hardest days of my life, my favorite verse was “He sets my feet on a rock and gives me a firm place to stand.” Psalm 40:2. I would dig my heels in, declare that verse over and over and keep moving forward.

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Papaya&Roasted Tomatoes Brunch

tomatoI don’t like eating before going to the gym in the morning, it just doesn’t sit right with me. When I get home after my work out I’m not necessarily in a breakfast or lunch mood, so I make something in between. I made a light brunch that was super satisfying, here is the recipe.

Papaya & Roasted Tomatoes

1/4 of papaya

2 slices of white cheese

1 large tomato

Parmesan Cheese


Rosemary leaves

Olive oil

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My favorite blogs

Photography by Mark Townsend

When it comes to blogs I don’t follow many because I try to get the best from the ones I truly love. So here is a list of my all time favorite blogs:

I’ve been adapting a more minimalist lifestyle this year and 2 blogs have helped me enormously in this journey of owning less stuff and living significantly.

The minimalists are 2 extremely talented writers, living a meaningful life with less stuff. They are the ones who first got me started on minimalism and I’ve been reading them since.

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